Save Time and Extend the Life of Your Blinds: Tips to Maintain your Blinds

Blinds help control the amount of light and heat that gets into a room. To get the best out of them, be sure the mechanisms are in good working order. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind.


Put on some cotton gloves (our big fluffy socks) and wipe your blinds down with your fingers to dust them. It’s faster and more effective than vacuuming or using a duster. Dampen the gloves slightly to remove thick dust from dirtier slats.

Tips To Maintain Your Blinds

Rotating plastic wand doesn’t do its job

Take the blind down and inspect and lubricate the screw assembly inside the headrail. Also check that the tape or string that holds the slats is still attached to the horizontal tilt tube.

Discarding worn blinds

Instead of discarding worn blinds, give them a face-lift. Choose a fabric to complement your décor, and cut it to fit your blinds. Apply a thin coat of rubber cement or spray-on adhesive to each blind; then attach the fabric. Carefully smooth the fabric to eliminate air bubbles that could cause individual blinds to wrinkle when they’re all rolled up.

Raising or lowering Venetian blinds

When raising or lowering Venetian blinds, always have the slats in a horizontal position. It reduces the risk of tears or tangles to the cords and tapes that make the blinds move.

Spring-loaded roller blind won’t roll up

If a spring-loaded roller blind won’t roll up with a snap, take it down, roll it up by hand to halfway, then rehang and test the tension. If it’s still slack, take it back down, roll it up a little more and try again.

Spring-loaded roller blind that has wound itself

To restore a spring-loaded roller blind that has wound itself up too tightly, take it down, unroll it by hand to halfway, then rehang and test.

Clean vertical blinds in your bathtub

Pull the blinds to one side and then, holding the blades together in a bunch, unhook them from the hangers. Lay stacked blades in a bathtub half-filled with cool, soapy water. Leave to soak for about 45 minutes, then drain the dirty water and refill the bath with clear rinsing water. Lift the blades out of the water and rehang to dry. Some old towels laid across the windowsill will catch drips.

Remove mold from bamboo blinds

Soak for a few minutes in a solution of one part bleach to two parts water, then put it under a shower or hose to rinse. Hang the blind out to dry in a sunny spot.

Keep these practical tips in mind and you’ll get the best out of your blinds.

Tips To Maintain Your Blinds — Simple Guide to take care of specific blinds that are made from different materials.

Faux Wood Blinds

Once a week, you can use a duster or clean dry microfiber cloth to dust the slats on your blinds. You can also use the brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.

After dusting, consider swiping the slats on your blinds with a dryer sheet. This is great for repelling dust and can add a light scent to your blinds.

Hardwood Blinds

Follow the same cleaning instructions as Faux Wood Blinds when cleaning your Hardwood Blinds. Want to make them really shine and if you want to protect the wood? Use a cleaner that is designed for use on wood instead of using a basic detergent.

Fabric Blinds

For basic day-to-day cleaning, use a vacuum brush to vacuum off dirt and grime. You’ll want to do this often to prevent staining and dust build-up. If you notice any stains or noticeable dirt, you can spot clean your fabric blinds with a fabric-safe cleaner.

Avoid getting these blinds too wet, and do not submerge them in water. You can take them to be professionally dry cleaned if you want to clean them thoroughly without damaging them.

Vinyl Blinds

Like with most blinds, you can dust them off regularly with a feather duster or a clean and dry microfiber cloth. When it’s time to give your vinyl blinds a more thorough cleaning, use a mixture of water and favorite detergent. 

Aluminum Blinds

Caring for aluminum blinds is similar to caring for vinyl blinds. Just make sure that you use a cleaner that is safe for use on aluminum; otherwise, the cleaner could strip away the metal or cause discoloration or other damage.

Graber Blinds Cleaning Instructions

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