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Job Opportunities

Job Opportunities as a Design Consultant As a local (Evansville/ Owensboro) Window Covering Sales and Design Consultant, you would be working on the road, visiting

Coastal Grandma 

Coastal Grandma is an interior design trend that started in 2022 but has regained its popularity through 2023 and now into 2024.

2024 Color of the Year

2024 color of the year and it appears soothing earth tones, deep moody hues, and various shades of blue are among the most popular colors for 2024.

Builder Grade vs. Custom Grade

Know the difference between Builder Grade vs. Custom Grade. Did you know that building materials come in 4 grades? Building materials, from windows and faucets

Nostalgic Renaissance For 2023

Nostalgic Renaissance  Nostalgic Renaissance is a style of interior design inspired by elegant home decor styles that borrow from the classic, sophisticated aesthetic of the

Aesthetic Design 2023 Design Trend

What is Aesthetic Design? Aesthetic Design is composed of elements such as form, shape, proportion, color, materials, finish, texture and typography that create a distinct visual

New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations

New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations come into effect May 30, 2023. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined


4 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS Every year, we discuss the latest lifestyle and interior trends, using them as a basis for choosing manufacturers fabrics that work

Best Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are here to save the day. We’ve all been there: You’re trying to get to sleep, but the sun is shining in through your bedroom window. Or that misplaced streetlight shines directly into your bedroom. They help keep light out of your room by blocking it from getting into the room. But what exactly is a blackout blind and how does it work?

Inside vs Outside Mount Blinds

Inside vs. Outside- What’s the Right Answer? All of our products are designed for either inside or outside mount use. While some prefer the recessed

Room Darkening & Blackout

Getting Light Under Control Need to darken your bedroom to help you sleep more soundly? Reduce glare on your television when watching a movie? Hunter

Tips To Maintain Your Blinds

Save Time and Extend the Life of Your Blinds: Tips to Maintain your Blinds Blinds help control the amount of light and heat that gets

4 Tips to Clean Your Blinds

4 Tips to Clean Your Blinds: Cleaning your blinds once a month will help keep the dust down in your home especially in the spring

Alternative Idea for Door Blinds

Add-on Blinds for Doors Control Light, Privacy Add-on Blinds for Doors present an easy, add-on solution for existing doorframes. They are designed for both steel

Why Buy from a Local Business?

Shop Local Businesses There are far-reaching advantages to deciding to shop local By choosing to shop local businesses, you are in turn supporting your local

Your Ultimate Drapery Guide!

Your Complete Drapery Guide! Set aside style considerations for a moment; function comes first and will limit your drapery choices.

No Mileage Fees at Indigo Blinds

Most people are unaware that Indigo Blinds don’t charge a mileage fee for installation or design consulting visits. We will go anywhere in Southern Saskatchewan

Window Treatments

Everything you will need to turn your windows or doors into something more.