5 Ways Window Treatments Help Staged Homes Sell Quicker

Staged Homes

Why you should update your blinds before you move. 5 Ways Window Treatments Help Staged Homes Sell Quicker — The average home in the United States sells in about two months, but that process can take much longer for a variety of reasons. Maybe the asking price is too high, the market in the region […]

2024 Color of the Year

2024 Color of the Year

2024 color of the year and it appears soothing earth tones, deep moody hues, and various shades of blue are among the most popular colors for 2024.

Nostalgic Renaissance For 2023

Nostalgic Renaissance  Nostalgic Renaissance is a style of interior design inspired by elegant home decor styles that borrow from the classic, sophisticated aesthetic of the Italian Renaissance period. Taking cues from the earlier centuries. This style of interior design seeks to combine traditional Renaissance elements such as ornate fireplaces, marble accents, carved molding, and detailed […]

Aesthetic Design 2023 Design Trend

Aesthetic Design

What is Aesthetic Design? Aesthetic Design is composed of elements such as form, shape, proportion, color, materials, finish, texture and typography that create a distinct visual personality. If you are looking for a trend on your shortlist — well this is a surefire bet for 2023! It’s futuristic, space-age style will use references from the heavens. […]

New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations

New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations New U.S. Cord Safety Regulations come into effect May 30, 2023. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has determined preliminarily that custom window coverings with accessible operating cords that are longer than 8 inches pose an unreasonable risk of strangulation to children 8 years old and younger. To address […]


4 INTERIOR DESIGN TRENDS Every year, we discuss the latest lifestyle and interior trends, using them as a basis for choosing manufacturers fabrics that work best for our clients. This ensures our window treatment selection will complement and coordinate with décor seen online, in stores, in magazines, and more—for 2023 and beyond. 1 RESTFUL RETREAT […]

Best Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

Blackout blinds are here to save the day. We’ve all been there: You’re trying to get to sleep, but the sun is shining in through your bedroom window. Or that misplaced streetlight shines directly into your bedroom. They help keep light out of your room by blocking it from getting into the room. But what exactly is a blackout blind and how does it work?

Tips To Maintain Your Blinds

Tips To Maintain Your Blinds

Save Time and Extend the Life of Your Blinds: Tips to Maintain your Blinds Blinds help control the amount of light and heat that gets into a room. To get the best out of them, be sure the mechanisms are in good working order. Here are some practical tips to keep in mind. Dusting Put […]

How to choose right blind for your house

Romantic Point of View In many a room, the window is the source of the romance as it bathes it in warm light. Romantic living rooms and bedrooms take to window coverings that are rustic and warm such as a wood blind. Quaint English cottage-looks are achieved with Shutters or Wood Blinds, as are beach […]

Choose The Right Blinds For Specific Windows?

How do I choose the right blinds

What type of window do you have and how often you open it? Choosing the right blinds can be overwhelming. there is lots to consider like do your windows open in, out or up. The hardware on casement windows can get caught between slats while windows prone to a lot of moisture or condensation can […]